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Domestic Alarm Systems

The ever increasing rise in domestic burglaries across the UK is disturbing and the number of homes that remain completely unprotected from such activity is alarming...our sincere advice is 'do not take the risk and end up becoming a statistic'. Many of our customers invest in an alarm AFTER they have been burgled and regret not doing it earlier, if you are in this situation then you will understand exactly what we are talking about. If you do not have an alarm or are thinking about installing one then do not hesitate to call us and discuss your options.

We offer a wide range of solutions including fully wireless alarms, bells only alarms, wired alarm systems and systems that will notify the home owner of any activity. With the use of shock sensors and external PIR (movement sensors) our alarms can be set to activate BEFORE an intruder enters your property, this is very important as traditional alarms only sound after an intruder has entered the property which is less than ideal.

Our consultants are always on hand to offer free advice and provide an on site survey to discuss your needs and provide a tailor made solution to suit you. Our pricing structure is always fair, offers transparency and extremely competitive.