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Fuse Boards & Earthing

A consumer unit or a fuse board is the core of any building or home. However, a properties electrical system is managed, protected, and distributed through its consumer unit (fusebox/fuseboard). To maintain the supply and stop a 'fuse keeps blowing situation', it is crucial to check and replace the fusebox should it not be deemed safe by an qualified expert. New consumer unit upgrades ensure that your electrics are safer and will reduce any chance of a fault.

Get Over those Fuseboard Nightmares...

As an NICEIC Approved Contractor, our priority at Deen Electrical Services is to ensure our customers electrical installations are safe and we take this responsibility very seriously.

You May Require a Fuse board Change St Albans if;

Do you need to update your old or possibly dangerous fuse board and benefit from the advantages of a modern consumer unit.

Why you should adopt Modern Consumer Unit?

Lets look at some of the advantages of a Modern Consumer Unit...

An average figure of injured 60 people takes place every year due to the power failures in United Kingdom. That said; it becomes highly quintessential to take care of the fuse board and go for a consumer unit upgrade whenever required so such damages can be prevented.

Our experienced team of qualified electricians not only include a brilliant commercial electrician but also domestic electricians who make sure that the installation of RCD protected circuits are done safely and meet current regulations.

Hassle-free Installation of Modern Consumer Unit

We install the latest editions of Consumer Units so your installation will meet current requirements adequately. We also offer free consultations, so we can understand your requirements, advise accordingly and help you make an informed decision. No matter if it’s a split load board or RCBO’s we take care of it. BeWith a free consultation we can determine the correct set up you require whether it be a split load board or RCBO's and because we are NICEIC Approved Contractor, all of our work is tested and certified.